Uncapped: Review of Vitamin Water/BYT Official Opening Party

Recently, I’ve seen a string of blog and newspaper posts claiming that DC is getting hipper, cooler, more fashionable. I wouldn’t go nearly as far as to say I’m skeptical, curious would be a better word. Since I moved here last summer I’ve seen A LOT of bad fashion (corduroy men’s pants with lobsters embroidered on them? Actually, the entire Vineyard Vines idea disturbs me greatly), but I’ve also seen some pretty interesting things. Open mics are always hit or miss but DC has some very talented writers and spoken word artists. Vestibule—a popup art space, meant to showcase underground artists—was somewhat noteworthy.

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But this Friday I ventured out to Vitamin Water/BYT’s Uncapped Official Opening Party. It seriously blew my mind. For those of you wondering what that is, a quick explanation: Vitamin Water approached BYT (another DC blog that throws parties and happy hours) and told them they wanted to rent out this huge warehouse before it’s demolished, higher Art Whino to bring in G40 art and decorate the space, and then throw mad parties for a month—that’s where BYT was needed. Of course they said yes.
So Friday, a few friends and I ventured down to 14th and Florida: the very first thing I noticed was the line, wrapping around the block, people had come out in droves. Luckily we squeezed in with the BYGays and were greeted with art and color and Vitamin Water EVERYWHERE. Seriously, it was floor to ceiling—which was covered with oil slick-like paint streaks and 3D butterflies—art. Not to mention all the free Vitamin Water you could drink, and then some.

The size of the space was overwhelming, four floors, covered in multimedia, sneakers, DJ booths, installation pieces, paintings, photography, sculptures, skateboards, and a ball pit! I’ve honestly never seen a space that could contend with this one, and I’ve been to a decent amount of art venues. Also, there wasn’t a single piece that I would consider mediocre. Sure, I didn’t want to buy everything, but I could appreciate all of it.

And the people! I didn’t know there were that many hipsters in DC! But this was the first time in awhile where I wanted to/could have complimented the majority of the crowd (which grew throughout the night) on their outfits. Or hairstyles. Or tattoos.
Parties were thrown throughout the weekend, all of which I passed through, mainly because I kept wanting to share the space with literally everyone I could get there. Uncapped/BYT will be throwing free—or almost free—events through June 20th, but don’t miss it. Or you’ll be kicking yourself for the next year.

So hats off, DC. You have thoroughly impressed me. Maybe those blogs are on to something, because, as one of my friends said “this space is enough to make someone not want to leave DC.” Well done.

vitamin water byt dc art party

Sarah is a fiction writer who moonlights as a freelance journalist. She’s been the Transgender Relationship Examiner for Examiner.com since May of 2009, and she helps keep DC classy via Meets Obsession Magazine. She can also be found at SarahMarloff.com. In the rare moments when she’s not writing she’s dancing, dying her hair, singing with her headphones on, or possibly climbing trees. She’d like to remind you all: only boring people are bored.