Living a Little Bit Social

Beer Fest

Ever since LivingSocial popped up on the scene and in your email inbox, they’ve worked to bring folks together by offering not only discounts to some really amazing things in this city (that new expensive restaurant that you’ve wanted to try?  Well gurl it’s now 50% off.  Boooooyahhhh), but also their many Adventures and Experiences.  From rock climbing, to cooking classes with famous chefs, to tropical escapes, they really do offer a little bit of something for everyone.  Upon receipt of various emails outlining these shenanigans, I decided:  I gotta see what all the fuss it about.  So I took a week, booked a couple “experiences” with some friends and the rest is history (or this blog post I guess).  P.S.: no I was not recently hired by LivingSocial’s marketing department, I just like to go out.

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The first experience that I decided to try with my bestie was the “Sippin’ and Paintin’” class.  Basically for $29 you get two hours of painting instruction plus 3 glasses of wine (they had various type of white and red.  Classy peeps these are).  While LivingSocial seems to keep moving locations, their new spot on 9th and F St, NWis TO DIE.  Gorgeous gorgeous space and I would super like it if they would let me live there.  Just sayin’.  We walk in there they have pallets, easels, and brushes all set up in individual spaces with three to a “pod”  AND they have long aprons so you don’t have to worry about messin’ up your threads.  They brought in a local artist who picked what we were going to paint.  Some people chose to  paint what they wanted, but we decided to just follow the rules and paint the Lunar Moth as instructed.  Two hours later, three glasses of wine in, we're friends with all of our painting neighbors, discussing how we want to do this again.  THIS is when they announce:  “Please feel free to visit our lounge downstairs.”  One look from my friend said this is what we were doing next, and let me tell you, it was the best decision ever.

Pierre or Hans?

The lounge is designed with a “speak-easy” feel (think: The Gibson) and the bartenders were PHENOMENAL.  Devin (one of the bartenders) made me a whiskey drink that involved a grapefruit rind and my friend got the best old-fashioned of her life.  Our “sorry I forgot your name” teacher also visited the lounge, got way tipsy, and proceeded to tell us that we were basically the best painters ever.  Liar.

Unfortunately, you can only see the awesomeness that is the LivingSocial Lounge if you partake in one of their classes due to liquor license restrictions.  Le sigh.  Anwyway, we were drunk, happy and stumbling to the metro with our Lunar Moths aptly named: Pierre and Hans.

My next foray into LivingSocial Experience Land was their BeerFest at Kastles Stadium on Saturday, April 21st.  We were luck to snag pre-sale tickets so we got unlimited 5-ounce tastings of beer for FOUR WHOLE HOURS for $25.  Yeah girl.  $25.  There were also 10 different food trucks and I can now say that, thanks to LivingSocial, I’ve had the best beer and tacos of my life.  Did I also mention that there was Bocce, Cornhole, and a stage with bands and DJ sets?  No?  WELL THERE WAS!  Add in the sunniest skies you could ask for, a nice breeze off the water, and 15 of my favorite people and there you have my BeerFest experience.  They couldn’t have done a better job getting people into the venue and setting up the food trucks and beer vendors.  Plus: LivingSocial is a DC company, so we were having fun AND keeping it local folks!

Though, the crowd at both of these events was the whitest, straightest crowd that I’ve ever seen since that one time when I was forced to go to Clarendon Ballroom.  Legit.

So there you have it: just another update on some fun things to do in our fantastic city.  I would write more, but I need to get back to unsubscribing to Groupon.

By day, Lindsay toils in a cubicle, working to make the world a better place, periodically pausing to plan the placement of her next ink. By night she holds court in the upper corner of Columbia Heights and plots her next trip up the mountain, wherever it might be. Her fashion sense is derived directly from the Meiji ninjas, which comes in handy when slaying her enemies with words. In her spare time, she practices the drums, hoping to become part of the greatest PM Dawn cover band known to man and womankind.