Bikes with Dykes

  • IMG_2910

    Tyke on a Byke

    By now, you may know that the bikes are taking over.  Proof here, here and here. There are three Capital Bikeshare stations within five blocks of my home. Friends are forever chaining their bikes to my building's fence-- earning me...

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  • FurryBikeDay-3 resized

    Byke Riding Faux Furry Style – Photos

    PHOTOS Saturday was a balmy 40 something with no sun and dark clouds foretelling rain. And still the bykes gathered at Logan Circle at the oh so hangover unfriendly hour of 12:30 (ish) for a Rock Creek Park Trail pedal....

  • Six Individuals aka Bearings

    Baltimore Bykes!

    Heyo out there in internetlandia.  First, a long overdue thanks to everyone who came out to our ride.  We had nearly 20 ladies come out!  20 ladies on bikes.  It was great!  My camera battery died as soon as I...

  • Lizette on Randolph

    Fox on a Fixie: Lizette Margaux

    Ever since she was a five-year-old punk pedaling the streets of Atlanta, Bloomingdale’s Lizette Margaux has found her fun on a bike. “I used to put baseball cards in the spokes of my wheels and ride up and down my...

  • FurryBikeDay-5-resized-685x1024

    Bikery! Dikery! YOU?!

    By That's Bats Fridays are wonderful for a variety of reasons, mostly because for the majority of us they signify 48+ hours of work free life to include couch sitting, dancing, beverage drinking, and alarm clocklessness. This Friday in particular...

  • Cici = Dyke = Byker

    My Dyke Bike (r)Evolution

    by Cici Cauterucci Dyke on a bike. An accusatory description so fraught with preconceptions and politics, pedals and pussy, that—until recently—I rarely counted myself among the brusque, badass ladies in muscle tees and brass knuckles to whom I imagined it...

  • Hi Bike! I'd like to meet your dyke!

    Bats & Her Bikes

    As a dyke who rides a bike, I’ve noticed you. Your bike has blue rims that catch the sun and look really rad against the yellow you’ve coated your frame in. Did you paint that yourself? Is the entire bike a DIY custom piece?! Did you notice how your shoelaces match your grips? I bet you did. It’s working; I’m intrigued.